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Staying healthy on holiday

Healthy Spa holiday in Torquay

If you’re on a diet, a regular visitor to the gym or just a generally healthy person, there’s no reason to think you can’t continue the healthy lifestyle whilst on holiday.

Here’s my top eight ways to stay healthy on holiday in Torquay:

Car Free –

Everything’s so local on the English Riviera that you don’t need a car. Lots of our guests arrive by train, walk the eight minutes from the station to The 25 and never miss not having a car with them. Many things are in walking distance and if you want to go further afield, we’ve got a good network of ferries, trains and buses to help you out.

Walks –

Talking of walking, why not walk some of the South West Coastal Path whilst you’re staying with us? There are some lovely stretches of coastline (20 miles in total) with hidden coves, long sandy beaches, and cliff tops with stunning views. You can read my blog about the Coastal Path here.

Jogging –

If walking is too slow and you’re more of a runner, you could join the many people who run along the promenade of an evening or why not take an early morning run to Cockington village?

Gym –

There are a couple of options if you can’t stay away from the gym during your holiday. The local council-run gym and swimming pool is only a five minute walk away at the Riviera International Conference Centre. Alternately, a larger gym and pool is accessible by the public on a day pass at TLH Leisure also a five minute walk away.

Breakfast –

Our award winning breakfast has lots of healthy options. We have a large selection of fresh fruits and fruit salad, smoothies, homemade yogurts and granola, seeds, nuts and dried fruits. You might choose porridge for its slow releasing energy. Or why not try one of our lighter options on the hot menu? We of course offer granary toast and low fat spread if required. Our standard milk is semi-skimmed but we always have skimmed in stock too.

Spa –

Our guests have access to a local award winning spa just a short ten minute drive away (or taxi if you’ve left your car at home). It has to be good to relax, have a massage or a treatment to remove those toxins and have some quality me time. It’s subject to availability and has to be booked so call us before you arrive to check for you. Our guests get a 25% discount off all treatments which gives you access to the spa facilities or you can pay £25 each for access to the facilities only.

Sleep –

Getting a good night’s sleep can do wonders for you. It always amazes me the amount of our guests who don’t sleep well at home and it’s only when they come here they realise following a wonderful night’s sleep how uncomfortable their own bed is!

Our beds and all our bedding can be purchased by guests if they want to replicate the experience at home, and we even have a discount code for our duvets, mattress toppers and pillows as so many guests request to purchase them.

Calories –

It’s hard to maintain a diet when staying at The 25. You’re welcomed with my world famous chocolate brownies, then you’ll receive a daily baked treat in your room, not to mention the delicious breakfast selection. Luckily – holiday calories don’t count so you can eat what you like!

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