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Torbay Pride

Torbay Pride is being held this year on Saturday 2nd September 2023. After a parade along the seafront, a day of live entertainment, various acts on stage, stalls and much more will be taking place for free on Torre Abbey Meadows which is just a five minute walk from The 25, so we’re an ideal place to stay for Pride weekend.

The aim of the event is to be as inclusive as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, have kids or are in a wheelchair. Unlike many Pride events, the organising committee are planning one of the most inclusive Prides ever. To end discrimination, you have to be as inclusive as possible.

You may well ask why we need a Pride event. Pride marches started as a protest against the bullying, police brutality, unfair treatment and the laws against homosexuality. In England it's well over ten years since Civil Partnerships became law for gay people, and since then, full marriage equality has also followed. Not only that, but 2017 marked fifty years since homosexuality was de-criminalised – it’s hard now to imagine a time when it was against the law to love somebody of the same sex!

Worldwide however, the situation can be vastly different from one country to another, with homosexuality still being illegal in 72 countries, and many gay people facing lengthy prison sentences (up to life), and in almost ten of those countries, it can still result in the death penalty.

A published report said it remained the case that there was “no country in the world where LGBT people are safe from discrimination, stigmatisation or violence”. Sadly, that includes the UK. I would still not feel comfortable to walk down the street holding Julian's hand for fear of the repercussions even after 26 years together.

Since Pride marches began, the community of those marginalised and discriminated against has increased. Sexuality and gender is now more fluid and so Pride is no longer just a “gay” pride, it includes lesbian, bi-sexual, transexual, transvestite, and really any other term which doesn’t conform to the traditional “norms” of straight male and straight female and end up as a minority in society.

Torbay Pride aims to welcome all and make Torre Abbey Meadows a safe place even if only for one day, where the whole community, both near and far, can come together as one. Torbay Pride will do just what we do at The 25, and offer everyone who comes here respect, a genuine welcome and a great time.

See you at Torbay Pride – Saturday 2nd September 2023

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