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Things to do in Brixham

Brixham is really easy to get to from Torquay and a lovely day out. It's the beautiful harbour town not far past Paignton. If you don't fancy driving, you can catch a bus or why not hop on the ferry at Torquay harbour?

Alternately, why not park at Berry Head Nature Reserve and walk into Brixham?

There's plenty there to keep you busy. Here's a few ideas of things to do in Brixham...

1. Spend some time at Berry Head Nature Reserve - view the restored Napoleonic War fortifications and take in the stunning views. There's plenty to walk round before you head off and an ideal spot for nature lovers. Can you spot porpoise out at sea? We'd suggest grabbing a bite to eat or a drink at the Guardhouse Café at Berry Head. They have fab cakes too and it's run by our friends Alex & Lucy. There’s an interesting museum there too. When you're ready, head along the coastal path and through the woods, past Berry Head Hotel towards Brixham harbour.

2. On route, you'll pass Shoalstone outdoor seawater pool. If it's a nice day then stop off for a swim. It’s one of only a few outdoor lidos left in England and open from May to September.

3. Continue walking and you'll come down into Brixham town - with a traditional fishing harbour with one of the largest fishing fleets in the UK. You'll find little stalls selling freshly caught seafood like cockles. This pretty harbour includes a replica of the Golden Hind - Sir Francis Drake's galleon and worth having a look round its five decks.

4. If it's time to rest your legs then try Liberty - a tea parlour and cocktail bar owned by the same guys that have Soho Bar - one of our favourites in Torquay harbour. They have a great selection of loose teas, massive slices of cake and tasty fresh sandwiches, and don't forget their great cocktail list.

5. Fancy some seafood for lunch instead? You'll also find Poopdeck - one of our recommended restaurants in the harbour too.

6. When you're ready to move on, why not head into town and explore the shops? You'll find some unusual things at Lulubelle's and some nice interiors items at Lilly's and Inspirations. There’s several side streets to explore too and a diverse range of independent shops selling crafts and handmade items along with one off and unusual pieces.

7. While you are in the town, follow the signs to the old police station where you'll find the small but interesting Brixham Heritage Museum. You’ll find out about the history of Brixham as a maritime town and even Brixham Bone Caverns.

8. If you fancy some more walking, head in the opposite direction to Berry Head and continue along the coastal path and you'll enjoy some picturesque views up at Brixham Battery.

9. Depending on the time of year, you may be lucky enough to time your visit to Brixham with one of their annual events. Throughout the year they have various things going on like Brixham Pirate Festival, the Regatta, Lanterns, Lights and Luminations Parade and of course they are also part of England’s Seafood Feast. Check out for details of all events throughout the Bay during the year.

10. You’ve now got a choice – you can walk all the way back to The 25 if

you like and enjoy the stunning views from the coastal path or take a bus or ferry back.

Alternately, you could walk as far as Paignton then catch a bus, train or ferry back from there.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your day out in Brixham. As you can see, there's lots of things to do in Brixham, so whatever you do and wherever you go whilst you are staying with us, we are sure you'll have a great time.


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