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Ideas to make your birthday special

Birthday present ideas - hotel gift voucher

When you have a special birthday to celebrate you usually want to splash out and do something nice.

Here’s my top eight ideas for making your birthday celebrations as fabulous as possible…

1. Stay at The 25 Boutique B&B!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a stay at one of the World’s best B&Bs? Don’t forget that the best deal is always by booking direct with us at and if you join our VIP programme you get even more benefits.

2. Add champagne

If you’re celebrating then you’ll probably want to do it in style. We sell both full and half bottles of Verve Cliquot, but we’ve also prosecco or wine if you prefer.

3. Add chocolates

I love chocolate, so I’d be over the moon to receive a box of our locally handmade chocolate truffles from Cockington Chocolates just down the road from The 25.

4. Add flowers

Our local florist can produce a lovely bouquet for any occasion.It comes in a box vase so it can easily be transported home to continue to be enjoyed after your stay has ended.

5. Go out for a delicious meal

With so many great restaurants locally you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to have a celebratory meal.From fresh locally caught fish to our Michelin starred restaurant and everything in between is on offer.When you book we’ll send you the link to our recommendations.

6. Start celebrating at breakfast time

You may as well spend the whole day celebrating - so if you wake up at The 25 why not order a glass of Bucks Fizz off our breakfast menu?

7. Get pampered

Don’t forget that joining our VIP programme also means you can use our local award winning spa who we’ve joined forces with (subject to availability).Why not get a treatment and use their facilities on your birthday?

8. Give a fabulous gift

It may be that you can’t make it on your actual birthday. If you can’t then make sure that the special person in your life is buying you a gift voucher to come here at a later date. You can use the voucher any time for up to twelve months.

I hope to see you on your next birthday.


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