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We are so lucky

We are so lucky to live in Torquay and to have the lifestyle we do.

Earlier this week we had an evening where we were expecting no new check-ins so we decided to go out and enjoy the sunshine. It was a really hot day and sometimes it's nice to remind ourselves that we live so close to the seaside.

We headed off down Avenue Road and after 200 yards you come to the entrance of Torre Abbey - a really interesting tourist attraction. It was originally a monastery, and later became a stately home, a prison, used by the Royal Air Force during the war and then the mayor's official social residence. It also now houses a museum, art gallery, glass houses, garden and a tearoom. We are very lucky to have it so close by. You can wander through their grounds any time of the day or night so we always walk that way as it's so pretty and comes out at the sea front. (Just past the crazy golf - another favourite of ours).

Julian and I then headed into town, past several bars and restaurants whose pavement tables in the sun were all full. It's great to see Torquay so busy and vibrant. We made our way along the promenade and down to the picturesque harbour which just looks stunning in the sunshine.

Luckily we found a spare table at Offshore Bar and Restaurant and were able to enjoy a cold beer and some food in the sun. We'd been there for drinks before but not to eat. It's now yet another one to add to our recommended restaurant list. It's popular with guests as they have live music in an evening after 9:30pm.

Whilst walking back, the Torbay Brass Band were playing on the front and entertaining the crowds. We are so lucky to have all this on the doorstep and to be able to enjoy the things our guests do but every day of the year.

Do you fancy this lifestyle too? If so, I've got two options for you:

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