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Little Touches = Big Difference

Probably one of the most common phrases we hear from our guests all the time is “little touches”.

They tell us how the little touches helped make their stay special or made us stand out. They say it’s amazing how we’ve thought of everything and all the little touches, or “we love all the little touches”.

These “little” touches seem to make a big difference though. Many of my blog readers will know we’ve been doing this for a long time now – 15 years, yet we always say we’ll never have a finished product – we’re always changing, updating, adapting and tweaking things to make The 25 experience even better.

Over the years we’ve added a “little touch” here and there and I suppose we do a lot now that many other accommodation providers don’t – even 5 star London hotels don’t offer what we do even at their exorbitant prices.

Those little touches can make the difference –

· They can make the guest realise they are being treated personally as individuals and not just a room name or a commodity

· They can make the guest feel special and excited

· They can help add to the feeling of luxury and that they’re receiving value for money

· They can mean the guest tastes food from local suppliers or homemade items

· They can be there when the guest needs them, provided even before the guest knew they needed something

· They can show how much a host cares about their guest

In reality, many B&Bs and especially hotels offer few, if any “little touches”. Lots of them cost little money, but can be a heavy draw on time. My daily homemade treat in the bedrooms is a good example of this. It takes a lot of my time and effort to ensure there’s something different for guests to come “home” to each day, particularly if they’re staying for a week or more. When I’m busy with cleaning, dealing with guests and the other hundred things I need to do each day, it’s something that would make my life easier if I didn’t provide them. The actual cost of ingredients, whilst higher than the individually wrapped biscuits from a cash and carry, are still relatively small. It’s the time and effort required that ensures most hosts don’t offer things like this. Even in large hotels where they have a team of chefs, often making cakes for afternoon tea, they still don’t put fresh treats in their bedrooms. It requires dedication to be up by 5:30am to have something out of the oven before Julian comes to the kitchen to start breakfast prep, or to still be putting biscuits away after cooling at 10:30pm at night.

Luckily, we enjoy making people happy. We are driven by wanting to be the best, to give guests a great time and make wonderful memories. We want guests to remember us and come back regularly as no where else quite hits the mark once you’ve stayed at The 25.

So, we’ll carry on with our little touches. If you’ve not stayed with us before, you’ll notice them as soon as you arrive, right to the very end when you check out. We’d love you to experience The 25. We’re almost full for this year already (95%) so there’s only an odd date here and there, which are listed on our home page at We are however taking bookings for next year which is already filling up nicely. If it’s up to 13 months ahead, you can book on our website, if it’s further away, then just give us a call on 01803 297517.

For those that are already regular guests, you’ll know that we never fail to deliver something different each time you stay, and we were very busy this year during lockdown adding to the experience.

See you soon.


PS If you’re not already a VIP guest, check out the page below. By joining our VIP guest list you’ll receive a complimentary bar each time you stay, a later check out, a discount on subsequent stays and other perks.


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