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Guide to Choosing a Pillow

Getting a great night's sleep can often come down to having the right pillow, but with thousands of guests a year staying at The 25, how on earth do we offer a pillow that suits everyone? Some people like a soft and squishy one so it cradles their head, others like so soft it ends up flat as a pancake and others like it so firm it doesn’t move at all. With fifteen years’ experience in hospitality we believe we have the most ideal compromise, along with alternate pillows if needed.

We use an environmentally conscious supplier called The Fine Bedding Company, who have been experts in this field for over 100 years and supply not only our pillows, but all of our sumptuous bedding. They really understand the science of sleep and what their customers need to enjoy the ultimate peaceful slumber.

The preference on how you sleep will often dictate your ideal pillow choice. Front sleepers often prefer a thinner, softer pillow because it feels more comfortable for the neck, whilst those that sleep on their back or side, need to have the natural curve of their neck supported so a firmer pillow helps. Our guests often realise how poor their own pillows are once they sleep at The 25 Boutique B&B. Many guests go home and buy new bedding and even our beds! We have contacts to enable this and even a specially negotiated discount on Fine Bedding’s website.

On our beds, each person has two different pillows for the best possible choice –

A “Smartdown” Pillow (at the front) with silky soft fine fibres derived from recycled PET plastic bottles. The amazing thing with this science led fibre filling is that it achieves the same thermal efficiency as premium down. Not forgetting that the unique manufacturing process also allows more air to flow through these pillows, which results in a super soft, light, fluffy, warm, and breathable filling.

A slightly firmer “Spundown” pillow (at the back) offers more neck support with its highly compressible fibres. In the past, fibre filled pillows were often made of polyester and didn’t always have a good name. This was mainly because fibres would clump together making the pillow flat and lumpy.

Of course these won’t suit absolutely everyone and although we’ve tried to go “mass-market” there will always be the occasional person who’d prefer something different to sleep on. We therefore also have some alternatives which we can offer you.

A memory foam pillow uses a polyurethane material that’s sensitive to pressure and temperature and which also molds to the shape of an individual’s head and neck. Memory foam is well-known for relieving pain so it’s a good choice for those with general aches and pains or arthritis. It also ensures that the neck is properly aligned and takes pressure off certain points in the body, preventing you from waking up with aching and stiffness.

These pillows are suitable for all sleeping positions and especially good for those people that like to sleep in a variety of positions during the night. If you’re used to a memory foam pillow at home and would prefer to stick to the same type of pillow you only need ask, or even better, let us know in the “Requests” box when you book and we can ensure it’s on the bed before you check in.

All our pillows on the beds are hypo-allergenic, but occasionally someone will request a feather pillow. Personally, I find these difficult to sleep on as I wake in the morning with a stuffy nose and also find they flatten far too much, but some people think of them as something luxurious. That’s because feather down is incredibly soft and snuggly as well as providing insulating warmth during the colder months of the year.

Feather down is pliable and can accommodate the needs of back and side sleepers. Front sleepers may find them especially comfortable however because of how soft they feel on the face and neck, but they may flatten too much.

It probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that in recent years, there has been some controversy around feather pillows. At the heart of the issue is the fact that some brands have used suppliers with unethical practices including cruel live plucking. We have ethically sourced feather stuffed pillows available if you’d prefer them. Again, it’s easier if you let us know beforehand as we can pop them on the bed before you check in.

Lastly, there’s always an odd one out. That person who doesn’t go for run of the mill pillows and prefers something a little different. Luckily we have something to suit them too, whether it be a firm to very firm pillow, or an extremely soft or flat pillow.

So whatever type of pillow you prefer, you can rest assured (literally!) that we have the right pillow for you and you’ll have a fabulous sleep with us.

Fancy buying our pillows? We have an exclusive discount code for - use code AS3917 for a 20% discount on your order!

We look forward to seeing you soon. To book a stay with us, simply click on "Book Now" on any page of our website at to check prices, availability or to book now.


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