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English Riviera is the answer to Brexit

English Riviera is the answer to Brexit

What a nightmare Brexit is turning out to be. Whatever you voted for I doubt you'll be happy right now. I realised that the answer to Brexit is to forget it and book a holiday. And where better to book a weekend away than Torquay?

Here on the English Riviera, we have all the benefits of being in Europe without having to actually go to Europe at all - so you won't even need your passport. Here's what I mean:

Austria may have botanical gardens but we have Torre Abbey with its potent plants inspired by Agatha Christie.

Why visit Belgium for chocolates when you can have handmade chocolates from Cockington?

And the long sandy beaches of Paignton are better than Bulgaria.

Why go to Croatia for traditional crafts like lace making when you can visit the craft centre at Cockington?

Eat Turkish and Greek food at Ephesus restaurant in Torquay not in Cyprus.

Instead of going to Prague for the National Gallery, visit Torre Abbey for their art display.

Don’t visit Denmark for Michelin star restaurants when you can eat at The Elephant.

Don’t go all the way to Estonia for the Varnja Fish Fair when you can celebrate England’s Seafood Coast right here.

Why go to Finland for national parks when we have Dartmoor on our doorstep?

Why go to France when Sharpham wine & cheese is so close?

Germany’s nightlife has nothing on the welcoming bars and clubs of Torquay.

The mild climate of Greece can be enjoyed on the English Riviera.

Why visit Hungary for a thermal spa when Torquay was the first place to become popular for “taking the waters”?

Ireland may have the Causeway Coastal Route, but we have the South West Coastal Path for beautiful bays and dramatic scenery.

Eat at Biancos restaurant instead of visiting Italy.

Latvia may have tons of beaches but we have our fair share of stunning award winning beaches ourselves.

Lithuania may be keen on basket ball but the English Riviera has plenty to offer sports fans both watching and taking part.

Luxembourg may have a UNESCO World Heritage site but, the English Riviera is a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Why go to the theatres of Malta when you have four thriving local theatres on the English Riviera?

The Netherlands may have several museums in Amsterdam, but we have plenty too including the very interesting Torquay Museum.

Poland may be famous for potatoes, but why not stay here and have traditional fish & chips by the sea?

Portugal has an underwater park but we have Living Coasts.

Why visit a fortress in Romania when you can visit Berry Head & see the history around you from Napoleonic Wars to World War II.

The English Riviera has a thriving café scene just like Slovakia – many bars & restaurants have outdoor seating so you can enjoy the views & the sunshine.

Why would you visit Slovenian caves when you have Kents Cavern?

Spain isn’t the only place with palm trees either.

And don’t go to Sweden for Ikea – we have one just down the road in Exeter!

Forget #Brexit Forget Europe Visit #englishriviera – 5th Best b&b in Europe!

(TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards 2018)

So there you have it - 27 reasons why you should come and holiday on the English Riviera rather than in Europe. See you soon!


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