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Things To Do in Torbay

English Riviera Wheel in Torquay

This month sees the return of the popular English Riviera Wheel to Torquay harbour – a mini version of the Millennium Wheel in London. It goes to Hyde Park for winter and spends the summer season with us. It’s always a mark in time that the summer season is nearly upon us and completes the landscape as it’s a large landmark.

The wheel, which is situated right next to the Princess Theatre, offers stunning views across the harbour, bay and the town along with a commentary on the history of Torquay. If you haven’t already been on it, you’ll have to make sure it’s on your list next time you visit Devon.

The English Riviera is reputed to have more things to do than any other UK resort. I can easily believe it from the amount of tourist leaflets in our reception, and we personally have barely scratched the surface which is why when we have time off we try to stay fairly local and tick more off our list.

I didn’t realise until I started looking back just how many useful blogs I’ve written about things you can do in Torbay and the surrounding area. I cover everything from complete day long excursions to local events, National Trust properties in South Devon and visits to local interesting towns and villages.

So, rather than re-invent the (English Riviera) wheel so to speak, then I thought I’d list some of the more relevant blog post links so you can easily have a look back at the ones that interest you.

You’ll certainly never be bored or run out of things to do down here on the English Riviera. That’s probably why so many of our guests keep coming back year after year, some several times a year.

Have a read of my other blogs and I hope you find them useful.


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