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Are you left handed?

Apparently, around 10% of the World’s population are left-handed – however, you wouldn’t think it looking at our guests.

I’m left-handed myself (all the best people are!) so I tend to notice other left-handers. Recently I’ve noticed more and more of our guests seem to be left-handed. Why is that?

It’s not just the odd person here and there. Over the last few weeks, now I’ve started looking, it seems like around one in three is left-handed. Maybe it’s just co-incidence. Maybe left-handers like to get away just before schools break up? Maybe left-handers like the English Riviera for some reason?

It is often said that us left-handers are artistic, so maybe more left-handed guests are drawn to our funky, unique and quirky designs? Maybe more left-handers appreciate our great looking website? Maybe left-handers are methodical and organized and check out lots of on line reviews before booking to go away so they notice all our excellent reviews? Or maybe left-handers just know quality when they see it?

There’s an International Left-Handers Day held every August 13th - we still have some rooms available that weekend - so if you’re left-handed, why not come away for the weekend to celebrate?

If you book up now on our website at and mention in the “Comments” box that you are left-handed, we’ll give you a 15% discount! We do currently have a four night minimum stay in place during August…and we’ll ask you to write something to prove you are left-handed!

As usual, this offer can’t be used retrospectively or with other offers or discounts.

Whichever hand you write with, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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