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Refurbishment is under way

A few days ago I started tiling the new en-suite for what will become the new Watcombe Suite.

In only a few days, it has been transformed and no-one would every guess it used to be two separate en-suites. We combined what used to be rooms 19 and 20 to create the Corbyn Suite last year with its own lounge area. We have now combined the two en-suites to make one large one.

In the picture you can see the room starting to take shape. As ever, we are adding the latest technology and so you can see the inset mood lighting between the tiles round the shower area.

The black frame is the rear of where the bathroom TV will be going, and the wire on the left is for the feature mirror with surround lighting and de-mister pad.

The shower itself will be operated by a touch sensitive pad by the sink or in the shower so you can get it to temperature whilst you're still cleaning your teeth! All our showers are high pressure so they are really invigorating. There is plenty of room in there as we've got the largest commercially available shower tray - 1700 x 900mm!

If you can't wait to see the finished article and want to book now, you can do on our website from the end of April.

There will also be a new superking bed, Smart TVs, new comfy sofa, complete new decor and lots more!

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