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It's always cheaper booking direct

How many times have you seen a claim like this made on a website? You'll certainly see it on all booking sites.

Have you ever wondered how they can all do this? I'm not going to ramble on about how unfair the system is but basically, all OTAs (on line travel agents - those sites that come at the top of search engines when you look for a phrase like "B&B in Torquay") will only advertise you on their site if they have at least the same prices as you advertise on your own website. As all OTAs ask the same, you end up with all prices everywhere being the same.

We then have to pay them a commission on every booking we receive from them.

However, although we can't advertise lower rates to the general public, we can offer lower rates to certain groups. That's why, if you join our Guest List at the bottom of any page of our website, you'll be sent a Discount Code for our booking system, ensuring you always get the best rate - lower than any other website is advertising. We would rather pass the saving on commission onto you so we both win.

If you haven't joined our Guest List yet - do it now while you think about it.

It's also worth following us on social media. We advertise flash sales, last minute cancellations etc on Facebook and Twitter so keep an eye on them too.

We want to reward our regular guests and that's why we often have special offers in our newsletters which are sent a few times a year.

We hope you will be able to come & stay with us at The 25 soon.

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