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Winter break in Torquay

Sandman on Torquay beach

Now that it’s October we’ve suddenly gone a little quieter during the week, though weekends are still really busy. As we had only one room in one afternoon last week we decided to go for a walk.

The sun was blazing down and thank goodness I’d suggested we put sun cream on. Julian didn’t think it was necessary but once we were out there he soon realised I’d been right (as usual!).

It may be Autumn now and soon approaching Winter, but the weather down here on the English Riviera has been exceptionally good. Walking round in just tea-shirts was reminiscent of a lovely June day rather than October.

We took Patsy with us, our cute twelve year old Miniature Schnauzer. We had a walk down though the grounds of Torre Abbey and the gardens on to the sea front (read my recent blog detailing the short walk from The 25 to the seafront here). Once on the seafront, we crossed over the road via the spiral footbridge and were able to look down on the “Sandman” who was working his magic with a giant sand picture of the sun (as pictured above).

Next, we walked along the promenade, towards the English Riviera Wheel but took a detour along the pier. The pier has been having major work on it to replace any rotting areas and ensure it’s survival for generations to come. It’s now completed and the pier is open in its entirety. The council are now re-painting all the balustrades and seats so it will look sparkling and new.

We walked the whole length. It curves back round into the harbour where you’re rewarded with not only the views out to sea but also across the harbour and all the swish boats, up to Torquay town and the hills beyond. We saw one of the many pleasure cruises returning into dock too.

Back on the promenade we enjoyed an ice cream from the concession at the entrance to the pier to help cool us down. I love the “Mr Whippy” type but if you want something more traditional, just opposite, between PierPoint Restaurant and the Princess Theatre they sell a range of locally sourced scoop ice creams.

We walked on past the wheel and carousel, into the harbour itself and across to Torwood Street where they are now building a new hotel, gym and offices. For anyone who has been to Torquay in recent years, this is where the scaffolding and hoarding was, just off the harbour opposite the Hole in the Wall (the oldest pub in Torquay). Work is progressing and the site is now nearly cleared ready for building to commence.

Next we headed along Victoria Parade where Queen Victoria landed when she visited Torquay, over the bridge across the harbour, and retraced our steps up the promenade

We couldn’t resist stopping off at our usual watering hole – Coco cocktail bar just at the end of Abbey Sands. It has hours of sun shine in an afternoon and we enjoyed a bit of sunbathing. Patsy was able to relax in the shade and the barman brought out a bowl of water for her.

When we’d finished our drinks, we headed back through Torre Abbey and home. It was a lovely afternoon and our guests are so lucky to be able to relax in such beautiful surroundings. We need to make more of an effort to enjoy being on the English Riviera ourselves too as we go quieter.

If you’d like to take an Autumn or Winter break, we’re open until the end of November and would love to see you. The 25 will re-open in February. We do have special offers in place via our Offers Page, and you can also become a VIP which gives you a permanent discount code so you know you can always book at the lowest price. Don’t forget that you also receive occasional emails with the latest news and exclusive offers beating any other offer available on line.

We hope to see you for a weekend or short break in Torquay very soon.


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