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Ten Reasons to book Watcombe Suite

Today, I'm continuing with the series featuring individual rooms and what makes them so popular with our guests. Here we're discussing ten reasons why you should book the Watcombe Suite.

As each of our six rooms are not only completely different style wise, but also in layout , bed sizes, features and facilities, it can get a little confusing and over-whelming.

Here's my short video introducing the link to some information I've put together on the Watcombe Suite.

It's in the format of a list of the top ten reasons to choose it, here's the ten reasons, but click on the link to see the additional reasons behind each heading:

1 Separate lounge

2 Televisions

3 Largest shower

4 Mood lighting

5 Best of both worlds

6 Super king bed

7 Table & chairs

8 Movie night

9 Bathroom storage

10 It's at The 25!

It often depends on a guests' individual needs and how they wish to use the room. Some prefer a bath than a shower, others are tall and want a super-king bed, others will be watching a movie on Netflix and prefer a comfy seating area, others will be staying for a week and like the idea of a separate lounge. Which would you choose?

Here then is my video, followed by the link which will take you to the Top Ten Reasons to Choose the Watcombe Suite. See you soon.


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