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Luxury B&B in Devon

Roll top bath

I'd like to think that if you input "Luxury B&B in Devon" into a search engine, The 25 Boutique B&B would be fairly near the top. I've just done it - and we were on the second page - it has to be said, the 25 is one of the first three or four actual B&Bs - all the other websites were generic ones who advertise multiple listings of B&Bs, many of which we feature on too.

Devon is a fairly large area, so changing it to "Luxury B&B in Torquay" or "Luxury B&B on the English Riviera" or "Luxury B&B in Torbay" would no doubt hone in on us a little more easily.

The purpose of my blog this week though is to discuss "luxury". Luxury is one of those words - much like a previous post of mine on "boutique" that is very subjective and means different things to different people. I wonder how Google categorise luxury? Do they just need a website to include the word a lot, or do they need some associated other words or photos to back up the claim? If a two star hotel called themselves luxury throughout their website, they may well come up in a search? I suppose the only thing stopping them doing it is the disappointed guests they'd receive as a result would soon make it more trouble than it's worth.

As I said, it's all down to your perspective really. If you're homeless, then luxury could be a hot cup of tea and a sleeping bag in a church hall for the night. For someone working in the city with plenty of disposable income, they'll be looking for the kind of top notch facilities, fittings and services they get at home.

We class The 25 as luxury for many reasons. It's not just down to the high pressure showers, bathroom TVs, large bathrooms, twin sinks, heated mirrors, Netflix, Nespresso makers, iPads, fridges, super-king beds, Fine Bedding company linens (I could go on). We also believe it's the "softer" side of things too.

At The 25 we're very good at the little things. To me, a little bit of luxury can be found in the glass dome containing homemade goodies to come back to each day. It's a luxury to feel special when you have a hand written note or card on your bed. It's a luxury to have a door opened for you and to be welcomed like a long lost relative. It;s a luxury to be treated like an individual and someone who really matters, and to feel part of a small a family for a few days. It's a luxury to have breakfast cooked for you and to be able to sit and spend time savouring the flavours and planning your day.

Luxury isn't always about the money you've spend or the lavish and expensive extras in the rooms. Indeed, despite the huge amount of money we've spend on many of the room features, they rarely get a mention! Look through our TripAdvisor reviews and instead you'll find myself and Julian get mentioned more than any luxury fittings. Maybe it's down to us being masters in customer service that the little touches stand out and the larger things just are - they're expected at our level and as long as they are there and work, they don't need mentioning.

I hope when you looking for your next luxury break in Devon you choose to stay with us and I hope we impress you too.


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