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Boutique Hotel in London

In a few weeks’ time we’re off to London for a couple of days to attend a trade show and we’ll be staying over for just one night. It’s an annual event and I’ve been asked to speak at next year’s show so I’m quite excited about that.

We like to maximise our time in London as we don’t go very often, but we can only spare a couple of days away as we’ll still be quite steady with business until the end of October when we close.

Julian wanted to squeeze in a show so we’re going to see Aladdin, and I wanted to have afternoon tea. We’ve decided to break away from our usual Browns Hotel where they do a lovely afternoon tea, and go to Claridge’s this year for a change. On top of this no doubt a few drinks in the bars and a bit of shopping will more than fill our time.

As it’s technically a work trip (we go to the trade show to find out what the latest trends are, to find new suppliers, meet with existing suppliers, watch seminars and so on) we like to make sure the hotel we stay at is a really worthwhile experience to warrant the cost.

What I mean by that, is most London hotels tend to be quite expensive – often paying almost twice the price of our largest bedroom and getting a room with less space than our smallest. I realise property prices are much higher so they need to pay their bills and make a profit, but I want to make my money count.

If I’m just going to stay in an average boring standard room with no character which could be anywhere, then I may as well go for a budget offering, as long as it’s clean.

However, my ideal is to find somewhere more like us – my preference would be somewhere with a boutique look (actual boutique, not just calling themselves “boutique” - see my previous blog). It would also be great if they are “pushing the envelope” and leading the way in design ideas or technology or with the type of customer service they offer their guests.

We want to come away from our trip to London really enthused and full of ideas to implement over winter.

Sadly, these places are few and far between. If I had the money, maybe we should move to London to open our own place and really lead the pack? They seem to be missing a trick as the bog standard is available by the bucket load; but reasonably priced, boutique accommodation is definitely a rarity in London.

We finally decided on as it’s famed for its use of technology so it will be interesting to see how they have set up their bedrooms.

Previous hotels in London have included:

We’ll be back again next October too so if you have suggestions of a boutique B&B or hotel in London that you think fits the bill then comment below or email us.



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