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Which is your best room?

Today, I thought I'd do something a little different for my blog.

I often get asked which of our rooms is the best, or which is my favourite, or which would I choose if I was booking. As each of our six rooms are not only completely different style wise, but also in layout , bed sizes, features and facilities, it can get a little confusing and over-whelming.

If prospective guests are hoping my answer will help them choose which of our six fabulous bedrooms to book then they're going to be pretty disappointed:

Which of your rooms is the best? There is no best room, they are all just different, though down to size, some are more expensive than others.

Which is your favourite?

I like all of them as I designed and decorated them all!

Which would you choose if you were booking?

I would choose one with a shower and a larger bed as those are our preferences but it depends on the things you look for in a room.

To aid guests in their quest to find the perfect room for them, earlier this week, I produced a short video introducing a link to some information I'd put together on one of our bedrooms.

It's in the format of a list of the top ten reasons to choose one of our bedrooms, starting with the Broadsands Room. This will give the highlights of how the room differs to our others.

It often depends on a guests' individual needs and how they wish to use the room. Some prefer a bath than a shower, others are tall and want a super-king bed, others will be watching a movie on Netflix and prefer a comfy seating area, others will be staying for a week and like the idea of a separate lounge. Which would you choose?

Here then is my video, followed by the link which will take you to the Top Ten Reasons to Choose the Broadsands Room. See you soon.


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