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Hotels in Torquay

Hotels in Torquay – a very common search term in Google I should imagine.

We’ve had several guests say to us recently something along the lines of:

“This is the first time we’ve stayed in a B&B. We usually always stay in hotels. We didn’t realise B&Bs could be like this. You’ve completely changed our perception of B&Bs.”

Whilst this is great that they’ve had a lovely time and we’ve changed their perception of B&Bs, it’s not great that they were thinking like that in the first place. I started wondering why people would have that mind set.

Perhaps I should be clear at the outset what a hotel even is – there are a lot of B&Bs who call themselves hotels but they are not. It’s easiest to look at the official tourist board meaning of a hotel:

Generally 20 or more bedrooms

Restaurant offering evening meals

A bar with seating area

Hot drinks & light refreshments available all day and evening

Full access 7am – 11pm without the use of a key

Room service available day and evenings

Telephone in bedroom

For 4 star hotels they also need –

Room service 24 hours a day

24 hour assisted access

Enhanced services such as afternoon tea and full lunch menu

For 5 star hotels they also need –

To be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

24 hour reception

Enhanced services such as valet parking

80% of ensuites must include a bath as well as a shower

A choice of public spaces available

Additional services such as swimming pool, spa, business centre, conference facilities

Luxury suites available.

As you can see – most B&Bs would not fit this list and just a quick look down the list of “hotels” in the hotel category on TripAdvisor show us that many should not be there.

This all gets very confusing for a prospective guest, particularly if you are looking for a particular product – you may want the personal, friendly approach to customer service from a B&B but struggle finding one amongst the people calling themselves hotels, or want the likes of on site restaurant and gym facilities only to find your “hotel” is actually a nine bedroom property run by a couple with no such facilities.

So, back to the point in question. There will always be those people who prefer to stay in large hotels – they may prefer to be more anonymous and ignored by most of the staff to get along with their business in private. They may be into fitness and prefer to keep the gym visits up, even on holiday or when away from work, or they may not be bothered with the delights of the English Riviera and quite happy to relax at the hotel, maybe have a swim, then eat in the restaurant and visit the bar in the evening.

However, lots of hotel users are not really bothered with the hotel facilities, and for them, the important factors are having a comfy bed, a nice room to relax in and a good breakfast to set them up for the day. It’s these people that I’m talking to!

These people need to realise that there’s an alternative. B&Bs are not what they once were in the sixties and seventies when everyone queued for the one bathroom, and had to be out all day, and back by 11pm or incur the rath of the landlady.

I’ve put together the following video which highlights some the common mis-conceptions about B&Bs that simply are not true nowadays (well in 95% of cases anyway).

If you are a serial hotel user and want to experience a B&B, you may as well stay in one of the best in the UK (TripAdvisor Top Ten B&B in 2017 Travellers’ Choice Awards).

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