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B&B Training Courses

I'm currently in the process of setting up my B&B training website.

It's been a long term plan to offer training for people who are thinking of going into the B&B industry themselves. I hope to start this winter.

In previous job roles I've written and delivered training courses and it's always been something I enjoyed.

Now that we've got the experience of building not one, but two, successful B&B businesses, it's time to pass on our expertise.

I plan to run the courses on selected weekends over winter, and we'll offer accommodation at a reduced rate if the participants want to stay with us too.

Are you thinking of leaving the rat race and doing something completely different? Have you ever thought of running a B&B but scared to take the leap or not sure if it's for you? Don't know enough about it and want more of an insider's view first? Maybe you want to get some training first so you are more confident when you move in? Perhaps you are worried about not making a profit? I can help you with all these things and more.

The two day course will cover a warts and all view of the industry so you really know what you are letting yourselves in for. There will be a breakdown of costs involved to make sure you can afford not only to buy a B&B but also to refurbish if needed and cover costs over the winter period. You'll leave with much more confidence and the basic skills needed to hit the ground running. And if you need further help and assistance, or more in depth training, I'll be offering one to one training and even on site consultancy once you move in. I'll also be sharing lots of secrets to save you money and tell you about costly mistakes we made along the way so you can avoid them.

Of course, once you find out what's really involved, it may not be quite what you thought it would be. Don't worry - it's not wasted money - look on it as an investment. You may have spent a few hundred pounds, but as a result, you will have saved yourselves thousands on the likes of solicitors, stamp duty, removals etc. Not to mention that you might then be stuck with a B&B business that you can't sell. Believe me - I have friends in this situation. That's why it's so important to know what you are letting yourselves in for and go into it with your eyes open and have the opportunity to ask lots of questions of someone who's done it and seen it all.

If you are interested in attending a course, you can register your interest by dropping me a quick email at

When the website is finished, I'll email you a link and tell you how to go ahead and book.

If you have any questions in the meantime, let me know!

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