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B&B on the English Riviera

English Riviera

Sometimes I don't think people realise that our B&B is on the English Riviera.

The English Riviera is known for its temperate climate which is generally better than other areas in the UK because we're situated in a beautiful bay with land all around meaning we're quite sheltered from the cold and winds.

It's rare we get frosts - around four this winter so far, and snow is an even more rare occurrence. Saying that, we did have about twenty flakes of snow one day in January but the sun was shining again an hour later. This was the most snow we've seen during the three winters we've been here.

Last summer was glorious and we have a sheltered terrace which gets the sun late into the evening so we often have guests enjoying a drink in the sun until 9pm in the height of summer (we're licenced so you can help yourselves to a drink from the honesty bar).

The English Riviera is an area, made up of several towns. There's Torquay in the middle, with Babbacombe and St Marychurch one side, and Paignton and Brixham on the other. The area is also known as Torbay.

As the English Riviera is famed for its mild climate, we're able to grow things like palm trees that might not survive elsewhere. The area therefore is very reminiscent of the French Riviera. If we've gone out for the evening, we often comment on a summer's night how lovely it is to wander back along Rock Walk (a famous area along the seafront planted with tropical plants) listening to the crickets chirping, and overlooking the sea that you could be in some foreign country on holiday rather than England.

As our weather's often great, there's so much you can do too. Take a look at our Things to Do pages for ideas. There's also more to do on the English Riviera than any other UK resort so you'll be spoilt for choice.

We really hope you'll experience the English Riviera for yourselves soon.

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