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Give up for lent

Lent doesn't need to be a taxing time. At The 25 we try and make things a little smoother if you're trying to give something up at any time of the year.

Here's some of the ways we can help...

I'd like to use my phone less -

No problem, switch it off completely - there's so much to see and do on the English Riviera (more than in any other UK resort) that you won't have time to be looking at it anyway. The only time we'd suggest using it is to post photos of your fabulous bedroom or put an excellent review on line for us.

I'd like to give up chocolate -

Now this one is a little more tricky. The temptation is certainly there. When you visit Cockington - a local village just a mile away where it's like going back in time as all the houses are still thatched, you'll also find a craft centre with lots of little shops. In the centre you'll find our favourite which is Cockington Chocolates. We would suggest instead of eating it, you buy a lovely gift for someone else like the person who's feeding your cat. They'll love it.

I'd like to eat more healthily -

There's so many great restaurantsin Torquay it's hard to choose where to eat. You'll have no problem finding any type of cuisine, and eating our locally caught fish from Brixham harbour has to be healthy - right?

I'd like to swear less -

Why would you get all angry and swear when you're in such a beautiful place? Careful not to slip up though if you say "This place is ******* amazing!"

I'd like to be less stressed -

Now we're talking. The 25 can help you massively with this one. Our guests often struggle getting out of our marshmallow like beds in a morning with crisp white linen, thick mattress toppers and squidgy duvets. Then there's the almost audible "aahh" when your body relaxes on our comfy sofas in the Drawing room whilst enjoying a complimentary welcome drink and one of my famous chocolate brownies. (Oops! Failed the less chocolate one already).

I'd like to work less & see more of my partner -

Simples...just book a break at The 25.

I'd like to spend less money -

We just love giving here at The 25, and so to help you have a great Lent, from now until 13th April 2017, mention "BLOG" in the Comments field when booking on our own website and we'll knock 10% off the price of your stay!

So, as you see, Lent needn't be a hard slog. We can make things a little more achievable for you. See you soon.

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