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Good enough to eat

Full breakfast

This tasty breakfast may look good enough to eat, but actually it was probably barely luke warm by the time I had taken this photograph. The reason? It was only cooked as a "show" breakfast and it was already around 7pm rather than am by the time this was prepared.

On Tuesday we had the guys from Pulse Media filming footage for our new corporate video which will help sell the experience of staying with us at The 25 Boutique B&B in Torquay.

It's difficult to get a full sense of what it will be like staying with us from photos alone and we think that a video will sell it better. We didn't want just any old boring corporate video though. Classical music and slow panning shots of beds wasn't really what we were after. We've tasked Pulse Media with producing a very fast paced, funky video that's much more in keeping with our original and modern design showing off our boutique B&B to best effect.

Some of the shots were difficult to get. We wanted a shot of one of our rain head showers turning on but this is easier said than done when you have glass and mirrors everywhere. It did involve me getting wet feet in a couple of showers!

The food shots were to demonstrate our lovely award winning Devon breakfasts. They filmed Julian breaking an egg into a frying pan, placing the cooked egg onto the plate, then me placing the plate on a breakfast table. Despite this taking around an hour to film (including filming of our tasty buffet selection), it's only going to produce a second or two of footage but it will be worth it.

We're really excited to see the video. It's going to be ready in time for our second anniversary of opening at the end of March. We're having a small launch party and then we'll put it on our website and social media for everyone to see. Look out for it soon.

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