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South West Tourism Awards

Awards Ceremony

We attended the South West Tourism Awards in Bristol this week.

The South West actually covers a huge area and so representatives from various types of tourism businesses were there from the likes of Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucester, Somerset, Bath, Bristol and of course Devon. There were over 500 people in attendance.

Devon, as usual did extremely well as we have some great places to stay, eat and visit.

Julian and I didn't have high hopes and as the area covered was so large we were only expecting a bronze award. They called the bronze winners and didn't include us though so we were excited thinking we'd won silver. We then had to get up and wait alongside the stage as they announced each winner. Two joint silver awards were handed out, and we still stood there.

It then became apparent that there were two gold award winners in the Best B&B category and we were one of them! We were really shocked. We couldn't believe we'd beaten so much tough competition.

We won gold jointly with our friends at Kaywana Hall and after having stayed there we know that whilst our places are completely different, we both have the same high standards. It seems the judges just couldn't separate us.

Judging had been ongoing for months. Following our detailed application form, the judging panel assessed our on-line reviews, website, blog and so on as well as a very detailed report which was produced following a secret over-night visit from one of the judges.

All in all it was a great evening and we saw lots of friends there too.

We now wait with baited breath to see if we've been shortlisted to attend the national awards in London in April. Watch this space!

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