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OCD Paradise

Ok, so I realise not everyone will notice that all my bottles of Elemis are perfectly "faced off" and the gap between them is the same to the millimetre. Neither will some notice that all the teabags are the same way round or the cushions are precisely positioned, however, those OCD sufferers out there will; and even if you are low on the OCD spectrum, I'm sure you'll appreciate our cleanliness too.

OCD (or CDO as I like to call it as I like everything in alphabetical order!) is a condition called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and affects people in different ways. Julian and I are both fairly mild but it comes in useful when running a B&B.

As you'll see from our guest reviews, a regular comment is "it's the cleanest place I've ever stayed". Although it takes us a ridiculous amount of time to clean the bedrooms, we like them done properly. I clean first (Andy) and make the beds. When I'm done, Julian comes in and practically re-cleans - doing a thorough hovering, plus a re-dust of all surfaces where dust has re-settled. Dust is a real nightmare when you are constantly shaking bed linen about and have glass tops protecting most furniture surfaces. Lastly, I go back to each bedroom to re-adjust anything Julian has moved. The notepad has to be 1cm from both edges of the surface it's on, the lip gloss has to be central on the bedding information and the remote control has to be in the middle of the front and back of the surface it's on for instance!

I like to think that when you enter one of our rooms for the first time that it feels like you are the first person to ever sleep in there. I'm not saying we'll ever get them to operating theatre standards but we want them to be as clean as they can be, everything in it's place and perfectly presented. It's the little details that make the overall first impression a good one.

So, if you're OCD, or just a bit particular about cleanliness or just like things to look nice then you'll probably have a great time at The 25. We're really booked up over the next few weeks but there are a few gaps between bookings. Alternately, visit us in September or October when the kids have gone back to school and everywhere is a bit quieter. Whenever you visit, we look forward to seeing you,

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