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Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee

Lots of people are creatures of habit and have their favourite website that they use to make a hotel booking - for instance, you might go straight to or Travel Republic every time you want to go away.


What you probably don't realise is that these sites are crippling the hotel industry - not only by charging a commission on all bookings they pass on but also by insisting on certain unfair measures like not being able to advertise a lower price on your own website.

By all means, use these sites like a search engine to work out where to stay, but before you book, please try contacting the hotel direct first, to see if they can offer you a lower price or a better deal.

For instance, if you check out our website, although we're not allowed to advertise lower prices to the general public, you can join our "Guest List" at the bottom of any page which will then send you a discount code for a 5% discount on our advertised prices.

In addition, as an extra incentive to book direct, we even give you a complimentary minibar for your stay!

If you're staying for a week, you can get an even better 10% discount, and we often have other offers available on our offers page or emailed out in our newsletters or on social media. That means you could have saved £111.30 and got a load of free drinks just for checking on our website so you'd be mad not to.

We hope this helps you save money in the future not only when booking direct with us but also ensuring you save money on every trip away you make.

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