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Restaurants in Torquay

I've spent a lot of time this week updating all the information we give out to guests.

You may have noticed the odd tweak on the website, but I've also updated the Room Information Folders, I'm in the process of producing a handy local map, and the biggest job was updating our Recommended Restaurant List.

We like our guests to get the most out of their stay in Torquay. We can offer lots of information on where to go and what to see, but it's important to also eat out at the best places and sample the local food. These needn't be the most expensive places - though we do have some fantastic restaurants and even a Michelin Star restaurant in the harbour area.

Even if you just want something quick and simple, we'd rather point you in the direction of a local pub with friendly service and good food than a bland pub chain offering the same menu as you would get at home.

The trouble is - there's so much choice! We've tried to limit the choice, so there's only one Chinese, one Indian, one Italian etc and our choices are all the best in the area. I'm afraid when it comes to fish, as it's often caught locally and bought into Brixham fish market, only ten minutes away then we do have more than one place we can offer.

Our list is growing so much that we've now split it into two -

One leaflet covers every day eating in the local area - all walking distance.

The other leaflet covers more special places to eat - for instance if you are looking for a celebration meal for an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, along with afternoon tea locations (making the most of the local Devon cream and homemade scones), and also includes some other great places that are further away and probably need driving to or you might want to combine with a day out in the area.

Whatever your tastes, Torquay and Devon as a whole are an absolute foodie delight. Forget the diet whilst you're here! After all - holiday calories don't count!

We still have a big list of places other people have recommended to us that we haven't even tried yet so I'm sure the list will continue to grow.

To see, download or print our leaflets now, here they are:

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