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B&B in Brighton?

I'm sure "B&B in Brighton" is a popular search term in Google, as I'm sure Brighton is a popular place to visit - but - my question is "WHY?"

The reason I ask is that Torquay has all the same things, in my view - more, but for less money.

For instance, before you can even check into your B&B in Brighton, you're faced with the stressful task of finding a parking space. If you've left it too late to arrive, there's likely to be no chance of parking outside or even in the next street. In our bitter experience, it usually happens to be pouring with rain on arrival and being three or four streets away is not exactly convenient.

Whilst I'm not saying every B&B in Torquay has a multistorey carpark available, more often than not there's some amount of off road parking. Here at The 25, we are blessed with a large car park which can accommodate more cars than we have rooms, owing to the fact that when we moved in there were 10 bedrooms and now there are only six.

It's only when checking in at your Brighton B&B you then find you have to display a parking ticket available at their reception which on the last count was about £9 per night. It soon adds up when you're staying several days. You'll remember we have a carpark so there's no hidden charges here.

Next, let's discuss the view, ok, lots of places do have a sea view, likewise in Torquay. Unfortunately, The 25 doesn't benefit from this view, but the main reason for this is we're not on a hill. Due to the lack of seafront properties on the promonade, you'll find most B&Bs in Torquay have a sea view only if they're locate on a hill. The 25 - due to the lack of sea view can be found on a fairly flat walk into town and to the harbour area. Often a godsend on the way home.

Brighton is fashionable and a trendy place to live. I pressume that's why property prices are on a par with London. This is no doubt why the price of B&B can be three times that of Torquay. Here on the English Riviera we offer fantastic value for money.

If you choose Brighton not for the B&B, then maybe it's for the tourist facilities? It can't be for the Big Wheel though as we have one with stunning views over the harbour and formal gardens. If can't be for the amount and variety of things to do as we have a huge number of things to keep you entertained no matter what your interests.

Maybe it's for the food, but one wonders why as Torquay has loads of fab places to eat from country pubs, to freshly caught fish of the day or the Michelin star restaurant.

Or could it be because of the shopping - but no, wait - we have Cockington craft village, and Torquay high street and the individual little shops in Totnes, and loads more.

So, next time you're thinking of saying in Brighton, why don't you do yourselves a favour and try the Enlgish Riviera instead? See you soon!

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