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Only 4 months 'til Xmas!

That's right - only four short months from today and you'll have opened all your presents and be falling asleep infront of the TV after a hearty Christmas lunch and too many chocolates.

It therefore seems the ideal opportunity to discuss our gift vouchers!

There's someone in everyone's family who is really difficult to buy for. They seem to have everything so why not get them something they'll really appreciate this year?

A gift voucher for The 25 Boutique B&B means they can come & stay at any time during the next twelve months which gives them something to look forward to long after the tree has come down.

You can buy a voucher for any amount from £50 upwards. We present the voucher in a gift card for your own message. It's not a specific card, so you can also buy vouchers for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

If you'd like to purchase a voucher, just give us a call and we can sort it all out for you. Just imagine having all your Christmas shopping sorted early and no queueing!

Give us a call now on 01803 297517.

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