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Introducing Saffy

A guest asked this morning what the significance of the sheep in reception was.

To those of you who have not known us as long, I suppose it may seem a little odd.

As our last hotel was in the countryside of North Wales, we had cows in the fields on one side of our driveway and sheep on the other.

In spring, it was a delight to see the lambs playing, and we had the occasional sheep or two who escaped and preferred the grass on our side of the fence. I (Andy) became quite good at herding sheep and was barely out of my wellies!

It seemed only right when we saw Saffy in a shop one day that we adopt her and bring her back to North Wales to be a mascot for us.

Over the next few weeks, we held a competition on Facebook for our followers to name her and a lovely lady named Kaye came up with Saffy.

From then on, Saffy was often pictured on social media taking part in daily activities at Plas Dinas Country House. She helped mow the lawn, she slept in our comfy beds, enjoyed sun bathing, greeted guests and generally bacame as loved as our little dog Patsy is.

When we decided to move, Saffy begged not to be left behind and said she had heard how lovely and sunny the English Riviera was and to move to a B&B in Torquay would be like a dream come true.

So, Saffy now welcomes guests to our new place.

She does miss playing in the fields with the other sheep but is now able to play on the beach instead.

Saffy looks forward to welcoming you to The 25 Boutique B&B very soon!

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