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To blog or not to blog...

I've been talking about writing a blog for ages now. I do wonder whether anyone will read it - perhaps you won't find it interesting or maybe you just haven't got time - I barely have time to read Tweets these days.

However, here I am, about to start on the epic journey which is blogging. Am I now a blogger or is this only achieved when you have a band of followers dedicated to reading every installment?

There are often times when I could write much more but am restriced by the amount of characters in Twitter or mindful of making a snappy and interesting comment on Facebook. Now with our additional Instagram profile, I have to say what I want with just a photo. So - this new medium may be just what I've been looking for - an opportunity to whitter on endlessly to my heart's content about whatever I like.

Be reassurred though dear readers (if there are any!) that I will try and write interesting stuff. It may be about things that have happened in or around the B&B we run, useful hints, tips or recipes, funny things that have happened, in fact, just about anything I want to cover and have the time and inclination to.

So, here's to my new blog (I'm saying my as it's mainly going to be me doing the typing - I may let Julian have the odd guest spot!). Read on, share, enjoy, and please feedback & comment. Let me know what you think...and if I should give up!

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