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Obsessive About Detail

We often discuss our obsession with detail with our guests. They comment on how everything is so perfect and everything you need or want is already there in the right place. Everything is beautifully presented and in mint condition.

A tea tray I prepared with welcome drinks for a room is a good example:

The brownies have to have the corner piece underneath and the side piece on top and be beautifully placed. When I was placing them, three crumbs dropped onto the plate and so I removed them – it wouldn’t do to have even one crumb on the plate. The napkins are always presented embossed border up and with the corner of the napkin facing into the tray corner. Of course they are black and not white as we like to do everything just a little differently. The tea and coffee pots were pre-warmed to ensure boiling hot drinks. I checked before placing them on the tray which way round the couple were sitting on the sofa so the tea would be in front of the guest who ordered it. The handles on everything are naturally facing the same way and in line, as are the spoon handles.

Everything we do is to this meticulous level of detail. This is one of the reasons why we are so good at what we do. Everything in the whole house, everything we present, everything we do, everything we cook or bake, everything is thought about to the “nth” detail. Whether it’s about the design, presentation, quality, usability or look, it all gets thought about in great detail and then tweaked constantly to improve it further.

In the photo above, you'll find the toiletries presented like this in every bathroom you enter. All in the same order and faced off, with an equal space in between each.

I’m sure most guests don’t notice that the two screws on a plug socket are both horizontal and in line with each other. I’m sure most guests never notice that their drinks are usually the right way round on the tray when it’s put down in front of them, or that there’s never any crumbs around the brownies. I’m sure guests have never wondered why we present our gowns in such a way and in the wardrobe so that we always know if they have been used, and they can go in each very different room but find all the accessories in the same place, presented in the same way.

However, it’s the full picture that counts. When you enter our bed and breakfast, you hopefully won’t notice anything that’s “out” or doesn’t look right, or that feels messy or dirty. Everything is just in the right place, and everything just looks perfectly presented, so you probably don’t think too much about it. I could give you a hundred such things across our boutique B&B in Torquay that are presented in a specific way where we have obsessed about the detail.

We want guests to check out having had the most amazing stay where everything was just perfect. Our obsession with detail helps achieve this goal. Everything is exactly where you would expect to find it, in the condition you would expect to find it, is easy to use and probably the best example of whatever it is that you've ever experienced - eg the softest bathrobe, the best hair dryer, the cleanest mirror, the tastiest brownie. We strive for perfection in everything we do and I suppose that's why we've won so many awards and also just been awarded 5 star gold by the AA again, every year since we opened.

If you’d like to experience our amazing B&B in Torquay, Devon for yourself and haven't been yet, book a stay online now at

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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