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Nespresso Coffee Makers

Did you know that every one of our rooms comes with a Nespresso coffee maker as standard?

It's life's little luxuries that count and being able to have a decent cup of coffee is high up on a lot of people's lists. Of course, we offer lots of other little luxuries like iPads, pillow mist, air-conditioning, movies and daily home-baked goodies to come home to.

As you would expect, we've got a colour coded coffee machine in each room to match the décor.

We offer four varieties of coffee pod, two espresso and two lungo, and de-caf is available too. If you stay in one of our luxury rooms, you also get an Aeroccino machine which means you can also make a delicious cappuccino or latte. There's even Nespresso chocolates to enjoy with your coffee.

If you prefer to keep things simple, we of course also have regular and decaf instant coffee sachets in the room, or we can supply you with filter coffee instead.

We chose these machines as they're easy to use, and for extra guidance, there's a couple of short videos on the in room iPad with instructions if you need them.

So wake up & smell the coffee! Book now.

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