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Are you covered?

It's over seven years since I slipped on a spilt drink and fell on a glass in Gran Canaria.

The first night of my holiday came to an abrupt end with a massive gash in my leg which had also gone through the muscle. The local accident and emergency were unable to help as I needed specialist care and I was taken by private ambulance to a hospital further across the island.

I spent a very boring week in hospital, surrounded by people who spoke no English and was allowed out the night before our flight home. Special assistance was provided both sides at the airports, and I needed three seats on the airplane as I couldn't bend my leg properly.

Luckily - I had holiday insurance - which turned out to be a very good company and they paid for everything.

From time to time unfortunate things happen which affect our plans for our holidays. However, for some reason, many of the general public only ever think of things happening abroad - a cancelled flight, a broken leg whilst skiing or having your wallet stolen.

Why do so few people take out holiday insurance in the UK?

When you book with us, you are reminded in our confirmation and also our Terms & Conditions of booking that we advise you to have sufficient holiday insurance in place.

Annual policies are now so cheap that there really is no excuse. Many start at less than £20 (as long as you're not taking part in dangerous sports on holiday). Other people may have insurance as part of their bank account fees.

Whatever the method, make sure you have insurance.

When a guest cancels their booking with us, there are times where their deposit is not able to be refunded, and other times when the full amount of the booking is still due, or if it was a non-refundable booking then the whole amount will have been taken long before.

We often hear very genuine reasons for cancelling - you wouldn't be cancelling unless you had a good reason - right?

If a relative has died, or your child is ill, or your operation slot is suddenly available, or whatever the reason, all associated costs such as your lost deposit should be claimed back via your insurance and we are happy to provide evidence of the cancellation charge to show them.

As a small business, we often struggle to make ends meet. We can't afford to loose out on valuable income when at the last minute a room is cancelled and we are given very little chance to try and re-sell it.

Some people seem to think that we should bend the rules, yet wouldn't question a large company like Ticket Master if they suddenly were unable to make their concert and get a refund on their tickets.

Other times, something might happen whilst you are already here. You may have a week long break booked but have to curtail the holiday when a relative becomes ill or your house is broken into. Again, the cost of your unused nights will still be due.

Please make sure you take out insurance for all your breaks away, in your own country as well as abroad. That way we don't feel quite so awkward when we have to tell you your deposit or payment is non-refundable. We have Terms & Conditions for a reason, and we hope you will support yourselves as well as us.

Have a great holiday wherever you are travelling, and stay safe but book in the knowledge that you have piece of mind if anything should go wrong.

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